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Returnal Reveals Surprising Statistic About First Boss

Returnal has been out for just about one month at this point, and to celebrate the occasion, developer Housemarque recently decided to share some statistics that it has accumulated over that time. While most of these statistics are quite high (as they normally are whenever studios opt to share them like this) one such detail in the figures that Housemarque released stood out quite a bit.

According to the developer, the enemy within Returnal that players struggle the most with is Phrike, which just so happens to be the first boss in the game. This is surprising because, well, if you were to say that about any other game, it would almost be a shock. To see that the first boss is clearly one that gives players this much trouble also likely means that many people may have bounced off of Returnal at this point in time.

Still, these stats are somewhat reflective as a whole of the game that Housemarque made. The studio has been pretty outspoken from the beginning that Returnal is supposed to be a difficult video game. Not to mention, given the game’s roguelike nature, Phrike is a boss that you’ll see more often throughout the experience compared to others that might show up later on. So although there are definitely some valid excuses behind why many players have had so much trouble with the baddie, it is still a bit shocking to see laid out like this.

If you haven’t played Returnal for yourself yet but are interested in doing so, you can currently look to pick it up exclusively on PlayStation 5. Conversely, you can also read our own review right here if you’d like to see what we thought about the game.

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