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Returnal: The 10 Biggest Fixes The Game Needs

A lot of players have found immense merriment from Returnal‘s gameplay. It is not the easiest game around, and because of that, it is also highly satisfying once the player is able to overcome its various challenges. However, Returnal is far from a perfect game. In fact, a lot of players have argued that only a niche group of people will be able to enjoy games of this genre.

Be that as it may, there are a couple of fixes that can help Returnal become more incredible than it already is. There are also a couple of glitches, bugs, and other issues the game needs to fix first.

10: Constant Crashes

One of the game’s biggest issues is that it crashes constantly, even with the latest patch. Before the game can start fixing other things or even adding new features, this is the fix Housemarque needs to do first.

The crashes are so impactful because as soon as the players step back into the game, they won’t just be dropped where they left off. They’ll be sent back to the beginning of the game. Those who have spent hours on a run just to be interrupted by a crash know just how excruciating this is.

9: Doors Not Opening

Outside of following the main objective, there are a couple of other things the players can do while playing Returnal. There are side quests and challenges they can complete and a lot of them are hidden behind doors. The players can simply go inside and enjoy the ride.

However, in a few instances, the player’s progress is halted because after doing what they’re supposed to do in a room, the door won’t open again to let them out. Those who got caught in this glitchy trap are forced to end their cycle.

8: Allow Players To Quit The Game And Return

Spending multiple hours on one game in one sitting can be a daunting task, even to the most hardcore of gamers. Sometimes, a player will want to leave the game for a while and come back to it later on. In Returnal, however, if a player is on a run, they have to commit until it ends.

The player won’t be able to just quit the game to the main menu or close the application and turn off their PlayStation 5 because it will jeopardize their run completely. When they come back, they won’t be able to jump back to where they left off, they’ll be sent back to the beginning of the game.

Players can preserve their progress by setting their Ps5s to Rest Mode while Returnal is running, but there is always the risk that a power outage could hit and ruin everything.

7: Fix Corrupt Save Files

This is a very common issue a lot of players suffered when they installed the game’s latest patch. When they went back into the game, they found their save files corrupted.

This is one of the most game-breaking issues a game can suffer. With that in mind, the player can remedy this if they have a save file backed up either to the cloud via PS Plus or by using an external hard drive.

6: Fix Audio Issues

This is an issue a couple of the players of the game have encountered while playing Returnal. At various points in the game, the audio will completely cut off. This can also happen in cutscenes. A lot of players know how big of a role audio plays in Returnal, so this issue is actually somewhat detrimental to the overall gameplay.

Since Housemarque is speedy with its patches, this issue might simply just go away after a patch or two. Not every single player has encountered it either. However, the fact remains that this issue persists within the system.

5: Allow Players To Carry Two Types Of Guns

There are a handful of weapons in Returnal the players can choose from and play around with. These weapons have diverse alt-fires, overload windows, and provide accommodate different styles.

In Returnal, the player is only allowed to carry one gun per run. While that is more than enough given how powerful some weapons are, some items just work better on certain enemies. In this game, the player can be crowded by multiple opponents of different types. Being able to carry at least two weapons will allow the players to be more fluid with dealing with these different kinds of enemies.

4: Diversify Melee Weapons

The melee weapon in Returnal is insanely powerful. In most cases, an enemy can be obliterated with just one or two attacks using Selene’s sword. This doesn’t apply to bosses, of course, but the addition of the melee weapon makes things so much better for the player.

While the melee weapon is already decent as it is, diversifying it just a tad will make the endeavor more personal for the player. This can be applied as minutely as design options, but the game can also take it a step further by adding more melee weapon variations.

3: Boss Rush

Being able to fight every single boss in one run is a feature that doesn’t work in every game, but it will work on Returnal. Returnal is perfect for those who love a good challenge.

Other than that, it’s also great for those who enjoy speedrunning. A “boss rush” feature in Returnal would add a layer of intensity to the game for those who want it, whether they’re speedrunners or they just want to test their skills.

2: More Traversal Options

Returnal’s traversal element is just as important as its combat mechanics. In this game, the player will have to be more concerned about their movements rather than their aiming mastery. It’s the perfect combination of a third-person adventure game and a shooter game.

The game can make the experience more fun for the players if they can make the movement aspect of the game broader. For example, allow the players to use the grappling hooks on enemies or give them the ability to control Selene mid-translocation.

1: Reduce Reconstructor Cost

The Reconstructor in Returnal is a mechanism the players can take advantage of. This allows the player to be spawned back to a specific area instead of going back to the ship when they die. It costs six Ethers to use the Reconstructor.

This may not seem like much, but Ethers are not easy to collect when compared to the game’s other type of currency. Even just an Ether less or two will make the entire experience a touch more convenient for the player.