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‘Roblox’ Indicates It May Be Coming To PS4, PS5, Switch And VR

Roblox is already one of the biggest games in the world, and it’s doing so without being on some of the biggest platforms in the world, somehow.

Currently, Roblox has found its massive success on PC, Xbox and mobile, but after fielding endless questions about when it’s coming to other platforms, CEO and co-founder Dave Baszucki had this to say on a recent investor call:

“Switch, PlayStation, Quest – all of these platforms make perfect sense for Roblox.”

Roblox is actually an ancient game at this point, first released in 2006, though it’s constantly evolved over time, and the last few years in particular absolutely exploded, with the company recently going public with a market cap in the tens of billions, and 164 million monthly players, by last count.

It’s not quite clear why Roblox hasn’t come to PlayStation and Nintendo systems already, perhaps some sort of bargain with Microsoft specifically, but it appears that may be ending soon. Roblox expanding to those systems would dramatically expand its potential reach. 115 million PS4s have been sold, along with 85 million Nintendo Switches and PS5 is the fastest-selling console in history, though we don’t have current numbers. And the “Quest” Baszucki mentions is clearly the Oculus Quest, indicating VR intentions. Experimental evolution, even if not a huge sales driver.

Roblox has been in the news recently as being cited frequently in the Epic V Apple case, where Epic has been trying to make the case that Roblox is a game store that exists with the App Store, breaking the supposed reason that Apple won’t let something like the Epic Game Store exist there. Apple has countered by saying Roblox isn’t full of games but instead “experiences.” In order to retcon its way to this making sense, Roblox went through and scrubbed all references to “games” or “play,” replacing them with terms like “experiences” or “discover” or “friends visiting” instead of “friends playing.” It’s pretty goofy, but clearly Roblox did not want Apple to suddenly decide hey, maybe they are in violation of TOS, and kick them off the same way they did Fortnite, given that mobile is a massive platform for Roblox’s young playerbase.