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SHIB coin already has some predictions. Here’s what experts say

SHIB coin — the latest meme-based cryptocurrency that is a knockoff of Dogecoin — already has some predictions for how well it will do in 2021.

What is SHIB coin?

SHIB coin is another form of cryptocurrency that has a resemblance to Dogecoin because it uses the Shiba Inu dog as its mascot.

  • Earlier this week, SHIB was worth about $0.00003212, according to Benzinga.
  • Binance, which lists cryptocurrencies on its app, called SHIB “an experiment in decentralized community building and another meme coin similar to Dogecoin.”

SHIB coin predictions revealed recently did a deep dive into the SHIB coin, saying that “price predictions are heating up in the wake of its enormous gains.” However, analysts aren’t exactly foaming at the mouth to put money into the cryptocurrency yet.

So recently collected a number of predictions. Here’s what it found:

  • WalletInvestor said SHIB isn’t a good investment for the long term. In fact, WalletInvestor predicted the coin would fall to $0.000029 to $0.000016 by 2022.
  • DigitalCoinPrice said the price would jump to $0.000044 by the end of 2021.
  • Gov Capital said SHIB will suffer a huge drop, falling to $0.000006.

“Whatever the case, the popular theory seems to be a price tank down the line,” according to

Binance has a good note about investing in SHIB coin, if you’re still unsure: “Please ensure that you exercise sufficient risk management, have done your own research in regards to SHIB’s fundamentals, and fully understand the project before opting to trade the token.”