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Skyrim Player Killed Every Single NPC & Creature In the Game

Skyrim player decided to kill over 4,000 NPCs in the game, resulting in zero life in the fictional province. The player showcased their mass Skyrim slaughter on Reddit, offering up pictures of the aftermath of the player’s descent into becoming the most deadly serial killer in all of the lands. Challenges like these have managed to keep Skyrim still very much alive.

Despite turning ten this year and Bethesda releasing new RPGs such as Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls Online, fans are still going back to the well with Skyrim. Despite no longer receiving new official content from Bethesda, Skyrim continues to be incredibly popular. Its vast world, rich and borderline endless quests and overall replayability keeps players coming back for more.

One player decided that after a decade, they’d make the noble goal of killing everyone in the game. Reddit user jaeinskyrim killed 2,201 people and over 2,400 creatures before wiping out the entire map. Noteworthy NPCs, such as named characters, can’t respawn and other generic NPCs are on a timer for respawns, so it’s actually possible to make Skyrim a wasteland. The announcement of the bloody mess was accompanied by a number of sinister images that properly showed the carnage.

It’s unclear if Skyrim mod was used to ensure there were no respawns, but either way, it’s pretty impressive that someone killed 4,000 people in one run. There’s a lot of deadly characters in the game, ranging from generic guards and bandits to powerful wizards and armored foes. Once they’re all taken care of then there’s a bunch of awful creatures ranging from bears to dragons that will rip poor Dragonborn to shreds if not careful enough. Of course, this didn’t seem to be an issue for jaeinskyrim as their pictures seem to indicate this was all done with relative ease.

It’s likely Skyrim will continue to entertain players for the foreseeable future as it appears that The Elder Scrolls 6 is still far off. Given Xbox recently acquired Bethesda and its family of studios, it’s not hard to imagine that maybe Microsoft will lend support to the team to try and speed up the development of the highly-anticipated RPG. Microsoft has had members of The Coalition working on Halo Infinite, so it’s possible Xbox will try to help contribute manpower and resources to the team at Bethesda. The beloved developer still has to release its next RPG, Starfield, before The Elder Scrolls 6, but hopefully, it’s not too far off.