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Storm Says Goodbye to the X-Men in Comic Sneak Peak

Mutant hero Storm has been considering leaving the X-Men ever since she resolved never to take advantage of their new cloning techniques to return from death. But while she has kept the decision a secret between only a few confidantes, she is now ready to finally say goodbye to her teammates. Intending to leave Krakoa and use her remaining time on Earth for adventures of her own, the only question now is where Storm will go from here. 

In Marauders #17, Storm revealed to fans for the first time that she intended on leaving the X-Men. Callisto, the former leader of the Morlocks who lost that title to Storm many years ago, approached a pensive Ororo atop a mountain and began to speak on the topic of Storm’s future intentions. Storm complements her longtime friend on her perception, as she had never uttered a word to her on the matter. Callisto asked Storm if she had told Kate Pride or Emma Frost that she was leaving. At the time, Storm hadn’t told a soul, but now it seems the mutant leader is finally saying her goodbyes.

In a Marvel Comics preview for Marauders #20 – from Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli and Edgar Delgado – Storm is on the Marauders’ ship, eating dinner with the crew, and teases that she’ll be saying her goodbyes tonight, since when she sees the crew at the upcoming Hellfire Gala, she’ll be pretending not to know them. Instead of trying to convince her to stay, the Marauders support Storm and encourage her to make her own way without the weight of an entire nation on her shoulders. Most touchingly, former villain Emma Frost is aboard the ship for this final dinner, despite evidently feeling more and more seasick with each passing moment.

While the decision as to what Storm will do and where she’ll go after leaving the X-Men has not yet been revealed, the former X-Man has multiple options available to her. At one point in Marvel Comics’ history, Ororo Munroe was married to T’Challa, aka the Black Panther, and the two fairly recently reconnected. Storm traveled to Wakanda to steal an ancient sword to use in the X of Swords Otherworld tournament, and while she was caught by her ex-husband, he extended an open invitation to return to Wakanda if she ever needed to.

Given her once royal status in the technologically advanced African country, Wakanda could be Storm’s next step upon her departure from the X-Men, though Storm was also offered a favor by Xandra, Majestrix of the Shi’ar Empire, after a recent mission. The issue summary says only that “Ororo’s eyes are pointed to the future, a future that takes her off the seas and over the horizon,” so it’s possible Storm’s new life will take her anywhere on Earth – or beyond it.

Throughout the years, Storm has been worshiped as a goddess, seized leadership of the X-Men, and acted as an honored council member for the island nation of Krakoa. Now, Ororo Munroe is deciding to eschew the immortality that is every mutant’s birthright, and start somewhere fresh. A fan-favorite hero, X-Men readers will be fascinated to see if Marauders #20 drops any hints as to Storm‘s destination when it hits retailers May 5, 2021.