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Tesla’s Upcoming Update of AutoPilot Will “Blow Your Mind” Says Elon Musk

We are all fully aware of Elon Musk’s hyperbole, especially when it comes to Tesla and its AutoPilot technology. It has been a few months since Tesla commenced beta testing of its fully autonomous feature, making the technology only available to a few 1,000 customers as part of an early access programme. On the same note, Musk has now said that the incoming update on the technology will “blow your mind”.

In his typical style, Musk has dropped nuggets of information while replying to tweets. He has conveyed that the update will arrive in two weeks and that safety would also be higher with pure vision. “Gating factor in achieving & proving higher safety with pure vision than with vision+radar. We are almost there. FSD Beta V9.0 will blow your mind,” Musk tweeted to a Twitter handle called @teslaownersSV.

To another user, Musk even said that the feature will also make its way into Canada in a few months. He cited the delay to the difference in driving conditions between the US and Canada. The upcoming update, called the version 9, will remove its dependancy on radars and instead will completely rely on cameras that are installed in the cars. For the longest time, Musk has displayed resentment towards radars and LiDARs stating that they were expensive and vestigial.

The EV maker has often been criticised for its AutoPilot tech as experts believe that it is not fully autonomous. As a reply to this, Tesla also developed its chipset based on ARM architecture and trained algorithms on the DOJO supercomputer. He is optimistic that he holds the holy grail of self-driving.