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The Elder Scrolls Online: 10 Rare Encounters Most Players Have Never Found

The Elder Scrolls is a long-lived and celebrated fantasy RPG series most popularized by its most recent two mainline entries, Oblivion and Skyrim. However, The Elder Scrolls have also received an MMO entry with The Elder Scrolls Online. This allows players to enter the multifaceted and vast world of Tamriel and interact with other adventurers.

Many encounters in both mainline Elder Scrolls titles and Elder Scrolls Online are randomly generated, so they pop up for the player at different times and different places. However, some encounters are far rarer than others, and that brings the discussion to today’s topic: the 10 rarest encounters in Elder Scrolls Online that most players haven’t found.

10: Nuluufarya And Elaasare

This first encounter can be found in the Summerset expansion to the ESO. A pair of Altmer, aka High Elves, can be overheard having a clandestine discussion. Their names are Nuluufarya and Elaasare. They seem to be brewing some sort of conspiracy. However, they cease their conversation once the player character, aka the Vestige, gets too close.

They can be found doing this more than once around the city of Alinor in Summerset. However, this never comes to a head, and they’ll never turn hostile towards the Vestige.

9: The Sapiarch And His Workers

A far less dubious but more heated discussion can be found elsewhere in Summerset. An Altmer member of the Sapiarchs can be found having an argument with his research assistants about their working conditions. They have very different opinions.

The Vestige can talk with the Sapiarch and has essentially three options. The Vestige can leave the situation be, or they can pay or bully the Sapiarch into treating the research assistants better.

8: Turquenwen And Linaaldel

Elsewhere in Summerset, a Gryphon can be found attacking a pair of Altmer. The first is Kinlady Turquenwen, and the second is her guardian, Swordmaster Linaaldel. The Vestige can either help them or leave them to their grisly fate.

There’s very little reward for helping the duo, and Turquenwen is an overall unpleasant individual. However, what kind of hero leaves strangers to be mauled by Gryphons?

7: Bailiff Naraman And Choixth

There is one more interesting and rare encounter that can be found in Summerset, and that is the case of the Altmer Bailiff Naraman and the Argonian Choixth. Naraman can be found harassing Choixth on several occasions, and the Vestige can either help or abandon Choixth.

Upon the fifth encounter, the player will get the achievement “The Book and its Cover.” Afterwards, Choixth can be found in Murkmire, and she will reveal she is a Shadowscale, a kind of Argonian assassin. It’s implied that she killed Naraman.

6: Batasha

In Orsinium, the land of the Orsimer/Orcs, a wanderer named Batasha can be found in random locations. She isn’t easy to find, as she doesn’t have a set location. However, she is a useful ally, as she can sell the player some of her brew.

Her brew has a special status effect that speeds up the idle stamina regeneration of the Vestige by 5% for 30 minutes. Beyond that, Batasha is a friendly Orsimer who enjoys a good meal and a strong drink.

5: One Last Brawl

Orcs are known for their hardy nature, strong spirit, and propensity for fighting. Those elements are the inspiration for the achievement, “One Last Brawl.” This achievement is tied to another rare series of encounters that can be found in Orsinium.

On multiple occasions, the Vestige can find an older Orc warrior surrounded by dead beasts and monsters of various assortment. These Orcs are looking for an honorable death in combat, and the Vestige can grant that death. After the fifth such encounter, the achievement is unlocked.

4: Vampire Drugging

Next is a far darker rare encounter, and it can be accomplished in the base version of Elder Scrolls Online. Sometimes at night, the Vestige can find a group of individuals partying in the Cyrodiil wilderness. They offer the Vestige a drink. If the Vestige accepts, they blackout and wake up alone later.

The implication is that the partiers were vampires, and they took the opportunity to feed on the drugged Vestige.

3: Daedra Conjurer

Cultists in Tamriel have a bad tendency to mess with forces they can’t control, and this is no different for the Daedric worshipers who are spread throughout the world. Some such worshipers can be found trying to summon a Daedra. Unfortunately for the conjurer, they succeed, and a Daedra is loosed into the world.

The conjurer is left immobile while the Daedra is freed, but the conjurer can be saved if the Vestige kills the Daedra. However, the conjurer will teleport away before answering for their actions.

2: Coldharbour

Another Daedra-related rare encounter is the series of Dark Fissures that will sometimes spawn throughout the world. They open portals to Coldharbour, the home realm of Daedric Prince Molag Bal within Oblivion.

Either Daedra or undead beasts will spill out of the Dark Fissure. After these are dispatched, a stronger monster will appear. If this monster is killed, the Dark Fissure will be sealed.

1: M’aiq The Liar

Legendary Khajit wanderer M’aiq the Liar returns in ESO after his star-making appearances in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. He can be found in random locations all over Tamriel and will talk to the player about countless topics related to the various quests in ESO.

M’aiq the Liar has a lot of knowledge and is something of a philosopher. He loves to speak but doesn’t like to talk when he has nothing to say.