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The Witcher: Old World Board Game Kickstarter Gets $2.6 Million In a Day

The popular gaming IP The Witcher got turned into a board game and The Witcher: Old World blew past its Kickstarter goal in no time. The action-packed adventure board game is supposedly filled with immersive choices and mechanics fit for newcomers and experienced gamers alike. Its goal of $306,452 was reached way before the June 11 deadline, hitting over $2.6 million in just one day. The numbers keep growing, too, as each moment more backers decide to enter into the tabletop world of The Witcher and defeat mystical creatures as a monster-slaying Witcher.

The Witcher: Old World board game was developed by the combined efforts of two game studios, each containing massive enthusiasm for the Witcher universe and the IP as a whole. Go On Board and CD Projekt Red, the game studio responsible for The Witcher 3, worked together to complete the project, and reviews of the game already claim it is a masterful tabletop that Witcher fans will love. The Kickstarter will end in June, but backers are encouraged to keep pledging, as the game studios have more expansions and stretch goals to reach.

According to the Kickstarter page for The Witcher: Old World, the Witcher board game amassed more than $2.6 million, a feat that Geralt of Rivia would have a hard time competing against. The board game slashed through its primary goal of $300K, earning backers a series of stretch goals like an expansion to the Wild Hunt expansion pack, new monsters, and additional miniatures.

The game contains impressive miniatures depicting iconic The Witcher enemies, as well as a series of Witcher miniatures for players to play as, defeating monsters in either a solo or cooperative adventure. The Witcher: Old World is set years before Geralt of Rivia began his epic quest, and players will be forced to make tough choices as they take the reigns of their own Witcher character and defeat terrifying monsters and tame powerful magic. Players will travel across the massive game board and attempt to complete a quest filled with moral choices, monster-slaying, and even PvP action. The game contains a deckbuilding mechanic with a variety of strategies to employ.

Since the game reached its Kickstarter goal, The Witcher: Old World will release worldwide. Go On Board and CD Projekt Red claim that the game will enter its final stage of pre-production development from June to October, and production and transportation will happen from November to May 2022. The Witcher board game will likely ship to backers by June 2022. Those who pledged already will want to keep their eye on the Kickstarter page to see what stretch goals are reached as the funds continue to rise.

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