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Thunder Force 2: Release Date & Story Details

Thunder Force stars Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer as superheroes, so will Netflix ever make Thunder Force 2? Written and directed by Ben Falcone, the 2021 Netflix movie hasn’t impressed critics thus far and doesn’t necessarily fully embrace its genre premise. Still, the inherent star power could lead to big streaming numbers and possibly a sequel.

Set in Chicago, Thunder Force follows a working-class local named Lydia Berman (McCarthy) who accidentally gets injected with superhero serum while visiting her estranged best friend, Emily Stanton (Spencer). Both women ultimately square off against superhumans known as the Miscreants while politicians strategize to become the city’s next Mayor. Thunder Force marks the latest collaboration between McCarthy and her husband, Falcone, who previously teamed up for TammyThe BossLife of the Party, and Superintelligence.

Overall, Thunder Force mostly pokes fun at superhero tropes but doesn’t fully develop its characters. Jason Bateman uses steady deadpan humor while portraying a human crab, and Bobby Cannavale appears as the archetypal greedy politician who will do anything to get elected. There are plenty of ha-ha moments, but it doesn’t seem like all of the main players are fully invested in the project. Here’s everything to know about the possibility of Thunder Force 2.

Will Thunder Force 2 Happen?

Netflix released Thunder Force on April 9, 2021, and will most likely analyze streaming numbers for several months. Based on early reactions, critics aren’t thrilled about the film’s quality, but that doesn’t mean that streamers won’t enjoy the practical comedy and genre gimmicks. If Thunder Force does end up being a streaming hit, Falcone and company will certainly consider Thunder Force 2.

Thunder Force 2 Release Date

Thunder Force has a modest scope of production and plenty of big names in the main cast. However, it doesn’t quite seem like a film that will kick off a proper franchise. If Netflix does somehow greenlight Thunder Force 2 after looking at viewership figures, the sequel probably won’t release until 2023 or 2024.

Thunder Force 2 Story

Thunder Force ends with Lydia defeating The King, and then diffusing a bomb in what seems to be a self-sacrificial act. She does indeed survive, however, and celebrates with The Crab as the movie concludes. It’s revealed that The King survived and that a Miscreant called Laser is still missing, so the narrative does technically establish the premise for a sequel. However, don’t be surprised if Thunder Force 2 never happens, as the original Netflix movie implies that McCarthy and her friends just wanted to collaborate for a one-and-done project with a superhero premise.