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Top 5 must-have farms in Minecraft (2021)

Minecraft has hundreds of unique blocks and resources. Some can be gathered, while others require farming.

Farms are a quick and efficient way to obtain supplies in Minecraft. Players can build automatic and semi-automatic farms to farm different blocks and items effortlessly. These farms use various game mechanics to automate the process.

Manual farming takes a lot of time and results in fewer items gathered than automatic and semi-automatic farms.

Some farms are must-haves in this game. This article features the top five must-have farms in Minecraft.

Top 5 must-have farms in Minecraft

#5 – Iron Farm

Iron is one of the most useful resources in Minecraft. Finding iron ore, mining and, then smelting is a slow process to obtain iron ingots. Players can create an iron farm to get iron ingots automatically.

When villagers face zombies or pillagers, they get scared and spawn an iron golem for protection. Using this mechanic, players can make a simple iron farm in Minecraft.

#4 – Gold Farm

Gold is a rare and valuable resource in the Overworld. But there is a way to farm these shiny gold ingots. In the nether waste biomes, zombie piglins spawn at a high rate. Upon dying, zombie piglins drop gold nuggets, gold ingots, zombie flesh, and sometimes golden gear.

Gold farms are constructed in the nether waste biome above the nether ceiling. This farm is built close to height level 250 using magma blocks.

It maximizes the spawn rate of zombie piglins. Players can attract them using an iron golem/zombified hoglin or hitting them with an arrow.

#3 – Bartering Farm

Nether update added piglins and their helpful bartering system. Piglins will take one gold ingot and throw various items, including quartz, spectral arrow, soul speed enchantments, crying obsidian, and more.

Build an automatic bartering system using some plugins and a dispenser throwing items at them.

This farm produces tons of unique resources in no time. After building a gold farm, a bartering farm should be next on the list.

#2 – Farmer-based Automatic crop farm

Use farmer villagers to harvest potatoes, beetroot, wheat, and carrots. Farmers have eight slots in their inventory. Fill their slots with the desired crop or seeds.

Create a 9×9 tilled and leave a farmer inside. It will automatically plant the seed and farm the crops. Since their inventory is filled, they won’t be able to pick the crops.

Build a hopper minecart system underneath the farm to collect all the crops.

#1 – Mob XP Farm

Experience Points are required for enchanting, repairing items, using name tags, and more. Killing mobs is the best way to get XP in Minecraft. Players can build spawner-based farms or a mob spawning platform.

The Classic mob tower farm is an easy-to-build Mob XP farm.

In the video above, YouTuber FazyCraft shows how to build a classic mob tower farm in Minecraft. This farm produces many XP and mob loot drops like gunpowder, bones, and more.