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Trisha Paytas claps back at Joe Rogan’s “misogynistic” comment about her

Trisha Paytas has ripped into Joe Rogan after he made a nasty comment about her on his podcast.

Social media star Trisha Paytas is no stranger to an online feud, and she has a lot of internet enemies.

Just last week, she got into a public twitter battle with fellow social media star Nikita Dragun.

However this time, she’s not the one starting the beef.

Trisha has slammed Joe Rogan in a YouTube video after he made a nasty comment about her on his podcast.

Here’s what happened…


Joe Rogan was filming an episode of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience with guest Ali Macofsky this week when he made a comment about Trisha Paytas.

Ali began talking about Trisha’s OnlyFans, and Joe asked a member of his team to get a picture of her up on his phone.

Then, he said “click on the one of her in a bikini, let’s see how she would look naked” and added “yeah, you can keep that”.


Trisha certainly wasn’t going to let the sexist comment go unnoticed, and she took to YouTube to clap back at Joe in a video titled “dear Joe Rogan…”.

“Because of 50-year-old men like you who have to tell me how disgusting and repulsive I am, I have what you may call low insecurity,” she said before making it clear that no one is forcing him, or anyone else who has ever mocked her appearance, to watch her OnlyFans.

She then said that Joe has “small d*** energy”:

Trisha went on to say that she thought Joe was an intellectual person but has now realised that he has “no intellect whatsoever” and said: “Not every woman is here to be pleasure for your eyeballs.”

“Just for future reference, for people – attention trolls like myself that aren’t me – you don’t have to ‘urgh’ at somebody. Because chances are, even if they are the most beautiful person, maybe they already ‘urgh’ at themselves,” she continued.

She then finished the video by thanking Joe and Ali for the plug before calling his comment “misogynistic”:

“That’s my little rant. Joe Rogan, thank you so much for the plug. I appreciate you, I wish that you were still on YouTube so more people could visibly see your misogynistic ways.”