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Vikings: 10 Episodes That Prove Ragnar and Lagertha Were Soulmates

Throughout its entire run, Vikings hasn’t had a better couple than the beloved Ragnar and Lagertha. Though the audience meets the characters when their marriage is about to end, fans still rooted for the two for a very long time despite their relationship going up and down frequently.

Both Ragnar and Lagertha have had other lovers – in fact, Aslaug was the reason for the end of the couple’s marriage. But in the very end, it was obvious that Ragnar and Lagertha never loved anyone else as much as they loved each other. So much they loved each other that they were obviously soulmates as evidenced in so many different scenes.

10S1E3 “Dispossessed”

Episode 3 of season 1 titled “Dispossessed” is one of the best displays of how Ragnar and Lagertha always have each other’s backs even when they are separated. In the episode, Svein comes searching for Ragnar when he is away in England and Lagertha must protect their farm.

Ragnar returns and then prepares to set sail again, but before he does, he asks Lagertha if she wants to come with him. Earlier, she had asked him to come with him, but he declined which led her to attack Ragnar. Obviously, the attack was an equivalent of a small argument which was resolved quickly. Moreover, Ragnar showed growth and invited his wife the next time which only strengthened their relationship. Lagertha, on the other hand, realized that somewhat would have to look after their kids, but Ragnar promptly arranged for Athelstan to take care of them.

9S4E11 “The Outsider”

In season 4 episode 11 titled “The Outsider”, Ragnar is no longer the man he once used to be. Ten years have passed since his defeat in Paris and he hasn’t been seen Kattegat since.

However, Ragnar returns and starts gathering people to sail with him to England. Logically, he also visits Lagertha in Hedeby asking her to go with him, but she declines. What shows the strength of their love for each other, however, is that Ragnar goes on to apologize to her for all his failings which leads them to share a kiss after so much time.

8S2E4 “Eye For An Eye”

“Eye for an Eye” of season 4 episode 2 is the prime example of how important it is to actually act on feelings instead of doing everything in reverse. Kattegat has been overtaken by Jarl Borg while Ragnar was away and Lagertha and Bjorn are living in a different town.

Bjorn tries to persuade Lagertha that they must help Ragnar when he comes back, but she refuses to do so. Yet, Lagertha then tries to persuade her husband Earl Sigvard to help, but he declines and even tries to hurt Lagrertha. Lagertha and Bjorn eventually meet Ragnar, but he ignores her during the reunion. However, in the next episode, Ragnar visits the Seer and confesses that he still loves Lagertha and wants to have her as his wife alongside Aslaug.

7S1E1 “Rites Of Passage”

Sometimes the beginning is the sweetest part of a relationship which is exactly what the very first episode of season 1 titled “Rites of Passage” shows.

Ragnar and Lagertha are introduced for the first time and it’s clear that they have a lot of love and respect for each other. Even the chemistry between the actors is evident. The two make love in one scene and in a different scene, Lagertha appears disgusted by the advances of Ragnar’s brother Rollo.

6S4E9 “Death All ‘Round”

One of the reasons why Ragnar and Lagertha separated was the fact that Ragnar yearned for more sons but knew that Lagertha couldn’t bear him any. Obviously, the topic of pregnancy and children is a painful one for the two and that’s what makes season 4 episode 9 titles “Death All ‘Round” so important.

While fighting alongside each other in Paris, the two seem to bond. Lagertha, pregnant from Kalf, has a miscarriage. Ragnar comforts her visibly being still very sensitive to her own pain. For him, it’s not just about the child she could have had but the emotions she is feeling at that moment.

5S1E4 “Trial”

Season 1 episode 4 titled “Trial” perfectly shows just how much Ragnar and Lagertha are willing to cover for each other because of their love, loyalty, and need to protect one another.

During an attack in England, Lagertha kills the Viking Knut for his vile crimes. After Ragnar asks her, Lagertha tells Ragnar that she killed Knut and that nobody saw her do it. When they get back to Kattegat, Ragnar tells the Earl that he killed Knut because he was trying to harm Lagertha. Lagertha supports the claim but then says she actually did it (which the Earl doesn’t believe). The situation is later resolved when Rollo says he witnessed everything and that Ragnar did have a good reason to kill Knut.

4S2E7 “Blood Eagle”

One way Lagertha and Ragnar have always supported each other is by showing their respect for each other to increase their status in the eyes of society. And that’s exactly what happens in season 2 episode 7 titled “Blood Eagle”.

Ragnar is intending to execute Jarl Borg, but he also wants to call for allies first who could be scared away by the execution. The allies will help him successfully sail to England again with more warriors and ships. A mysterious Earl agrees to meet with him, and when Ragnar finally gets to see the Earl, it turns out that this is actually Lagertha who has killed her husband. Ragnar needed an ally while Lagertha needed legitimacy which both provided for each other.

3S4E6 “What Might Have Been”

Perhaps one of the most sentimental sequences in the entire show is that it season 4 episode 6 titled “What Might Have Been”.

Ragnar and Lagertha are in France when Ragnar asks her why she decided to risk her unborn child from Kalf in battle. She responds by asking him who he is to be concerned about her if she is not his wife anymore (as mentioned earlier, Lagertha has a miscarriage a few episodes later). At the end of the episode, Ragnar takes the medicine Yidu has been giving him and has more hallucinations. This time, the hallucinations are of his farmer days when he was still living with Lagertha and their two children, something Ragnar years for even after so much time.

2S1E7 “A King’s Ransom”

Much like their loyalty, support, and respect for each other, Ragnar and Lagertha also share a special kind of faith in each other. They are ready to trust each other with almost anything which is what happens in season 1 episode 7 titled “A King’s Ransom”.

Ragnar is away in Northumbria which means there is no one to rule Kattegat. But being the responsible ruler (and husband) that he is, Ragnar trusts his wife and lets Lagertha do all the ruling without him, running the hall and dealing with petitioners.

1S6E7 “The Ice Maiden”

What defines soulmates? It’s probably the eternal nature of this bond between two people, the kind of bond that can’t be broken many years after they have met. Season 6, Episode 7 titled “The Ice Maiden” proves just how much Ragnar and Lagertha always meant for each other.

After Lagertha is killed in the previous episode by Hvitserk, she has the traditional Viking funeral. Her body is placed on a boat that is set sail and burnt. As she sinks underwater, her body lies down on the sand floor beneath where a sand figure of Ragnar can be seen. She lies by his side showing that he has always truly loved only him while he loved her, and they may be reunited in Valhalla.