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Where Will Peter Thiel News Take the EOS Crypto Next?

EOS (CCC:EOS-USD) is picking up the slack from 2020. The coin, which brands itself on phrases like “forward-driven,” is backing up its words with news of a parent exchange coming soon. The Bullish exchange seeks to centralize a decentralized platform, drawing new investors and putting EOS in users’ wallets.

Peter Thiel-backed software company is the outfit behind EOS and the coming Bullish exchange. News of the exchange came this morning in the form of a press release. It revealed a successful funding round of $10 billion, coming in the form of cash, EOS tokens and 164,000 Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD). Big investors like Thiel, as well as Richard Li, Christian Angermayer and Alan Howard are set to be senior advisors for the exchange.

EOS offers a lot of functionality to users. prides itself on providing the EOS platform as a way for user to craft DApps. The platform emphasizes straightforwardness, providing a clear interface as well as educational tools to help get a novice DApp developer where they need to be. Another cornerstone of the EOS blockchain is scalability, and putting effort into making transactions as quick as possible.

EOS Price Predictions Heat Up Amid Exchange News

The announcement of the Bullish exchange has obviously gotten a lot of investors excited. Prices are continuing to build their way up after an excellent morning. The EOS token is sitting at $13.08 currently, and trading volume is up by a whopping 163%.

The price movement has crypto investors eyeing the token closely. Analysts are gearing up their EOS price predictions thanks to the Thiel-sponsored exchange news. Let’s see what they have to say about EOS:

  • PrimeXBT says to look for a breakout moment for EOS before it heads to new highs at $30. It’s hard not to consider this the breakout moment, with prices shooting up and trading volume through the roof.
  • The Economy Forecast Agency has priced EOS at a high of $43.54 by December, with a low of $35.08 in that time.
  • Coin Price Forecast tacks a similar prediction on EOS, suggesting a year-end value of $46.92.
  • InvestingCube put their prediction for EOS out a few days ago, before the Bullish news. They suggested EOS will head into a bearish pattern, which could only be invalidated by a surge past $8.