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Wolverine Reveals Why Marvel Heroes Don’t Trust Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man hasn’t been a good friend to his fellow superheroes and Wolverine and some of his closest allies just let him know that to his face. In a new preview for Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man #1, Peter Parker turns to some of his closest superhero buddies, but when he tries to convince them to help him – they give him a list of reasons why he’s been a bad friend.

In the current run of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter is wearing a new suit courtesy of the Threats and Menaces news organization. In exchange for allowing people to view his actions as Spider-Man via live-streaming through his suit, the hero got a significant power upgrade with his silver and gold costume. However, with the ability to live stream, Spider-Man is unintentionally inviting supervillains to know his location at all times – something Madame Masque recently used to see him coming. It also means Spider-Man is susceptible to negative P.R. campaigns, and a most recent one has him convincing his friends he’s actually a good guy.

In a new preview for Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man #1 by Nick Spencer, Roge Antonio, Carlos Gomez, Ze Carlos, Alex Sinclair, and Joe Caramagna, Spider-Man calls for assistance as Mayor Wilson Fisk hired a handful of villains to track down Boomerang in his quest to acquire the Lifeline Tablet. When his fellow heroes arrive, Spider-Man has to explain a recent P.R. campaign that made it seem like he wasn’t on their side was fake. The heroes, led by Wolverine, admit Spider-Man hasn’t exactly been the greatest friend as of late.

Wolverine starts the conversation by suggesting “maybe you got your brain swapped with Doc Ock,” like in The Superior Spider-Man. Hawkeye says maybe he’s been “corrupted by an alien symbiote.” Jessica Jones adds, “maybe Kraven the Hunter stole your costume.” The heroes tell him maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to believe the worst about him if, as Wolverine puts it, he “ever replied to an email.” Spider-Man realizes he’s been a bad friend and has let a lot of his friendships with other heroes go to the wayside.

Thankfully, the heroes understand the busy life of being a superhero, despite Spider-Man “taking the loner act to a whole new level sometimes.” While Wolverine expressed frustration about his lack of keeping in touch, he tells Peter he’ll help him – as the team assembles against the Kingpin’s hired goons. Hopefully, Spider-Man realized he needs to maintain the relationships with other heroes if he needs help from them – even if that means, as Wolverine pointed out, responding to an email every now and again. His lack of responsiveness and history of being controlled by villains obviously makes it hard for heroes to believe him at face value. King-Size Amazing Spider-Man #1 is in comic book stores on Wednesday.