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Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Of Joey’s Anime-Only Cards

One of the most prominent duelists in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is without a doubt Joey Wheeler. Behind Yugi himself, he is seen dueling very consistently throughout the series. He uses a variety of decks throughout the show, some of which are inevitably better than others.

However, not all of his decks could actually be completed in real life. Not every card that he uses is real, with many of them being anime-only. Some of them are good, some bad, and some only exist to advance the plot. Either way, he’s used quite a few throughout his time on Yu-Gi-Oh!

Energy Drain

Energy Drain is a spell card with two different effects. Firstly, the player can choose one monster on the opponent’s side of the field to reduce to 0 attack points. Additionally, they also get to draw another card.

Draw effects are always strong in Yu-Gi-Oh!, and the additional effect of bringing one card down to zero attack points is just an added bonus. Actually not too bad of a card overall.


Attrition is a card that Joey used while under the control of Marik, and it’s a bit of a weird one. It cannot be activated unless an opponent’s monster was not destroyed by battle.

That card then loses attack points equal to the damage that it receives, and this can continue to accumulate as more damage is dealt. It is a very strange card with a very specific effect. Overall, it really doesn’t seem worth it.

Arduous Decision

Arduous Decision is a card that has the player pick up the top two cards of their deck, and the opponent picks one of them at random. If it is a monster card, it can be summoned right away. If it isn’t, both cards are immediately sent to the graveyard.

This is a card that can very much so be useful, but it isn’t ever all that good of an idea to put the fate of the duel into the opponent’s hands. Still, it can be handy in a pinch if a monster is really needed on the field in the middle of a battle phase.

Burning Soul Sword

Burning Soul Sword is another spell card, this time an equip one. This card allows the player to tribute one monster per turn in order to transfer their attack points into the monster that this card is equip to.

This is rarely a suggested strategy, but it could perhaps be used in a specific situation. Either way, this is one of Joey’s weaker anime-only cards by a pretty wide margin.

Silver Dollar

Joey has a wide array of monsters that have pretty low attack values. This is where Silver Dollar comes in. This card stops the destruction of a monster with 1000 or fewer attack points from battle while also nullifying any damage that the user would have taken from the battle.

This card is obviously useful if there’s a weak monster that absolutely needs to be kept on the field. Otherwise, eh?

Big Bang Dragon Blow

Big Bang Dragon Blow was a card that Joey used during the mess of a Waking the Dragons arc in his equally messy duel against Valon. It was part of Joey’s suit of armor that he acted as he had in previous arcs, which, of course, he didn’t.

Either way, this card allows the player to tribute a dragon monster of theirs in order to destroy every monster on the opponent’s side of the field and then inflict damage to their life points equal to the combined attack points of all of those monsters. This can be a devastating card in the right circumstances, and could easily win a duel on its own.

Aura Armor

Aura Armor, though, is the original armor card that Joey used so that he and Valon could punch each other in the face for some reason. It can only be activated when being attacked while the player’s life points are equal to or less than 2000.

Then, that attack is negated and the armor is summoned. The armor has attack points equal to the player’s life points, which are halved upon this card’s activation.

Celebration Of Creation

Celebration of Creation is a trap card that can be activated when a card is being summoned through a spell or trap card effect. The turn is sent to the End Phase immediately.

This card can be very useful in a pinch, especially if the player were about to lose during their opponent’s battle phase.

Take One Chance

Take One Chance is another trap card that has an interesting effect. It allows the player to select one card from their graveyard and activate its effect right away.

This card fits Joey’s chance motif very well, as this could save the player or lose the duel for them, depending on which card this one activates.

Landstar Forces

Landstar Forces is a card that Joey uses that allows him to summon a bunch of Landstar cards that are worthless.

Why Joey has a non-effect monster this bad in his deck is already a question, but he adds more of them in the KC Grand Championship arc of the show. This is why Joey’s skill as a duelist is questioned, everyone