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Zelda: Link’s Deku Sticks Were Once As Strong As The Master Sword

Link,The Legend of Zeldas main protagonist, is well known for using a wide arsenal of weaponry. He is a superb archer, an expert of multiple explosives, and he’s even got some heavy-hitting options like the Ball and Chain. Many of these are fan-favorites, but his Master Sword might just be his most iconic weapon of them all. It’s the Zelda equivalent of Excalibur, so it only makes sense. However, the Master Sword is actually less powerful than a few weapons in the series, and its might is even matched by literal sticks in Ocarina of Time.

It wasn’t until the N64 that players were allowed to freely change equipment that wasn’t simple items like the Bow or the Boomerang. Link’s Shields, Tunics, Boots, and Swords could all be changed and switched around throughout the course of a playthrough to match the needs of the player. In order to truly take advantage of this system, there had to be a reason to switch out to another weapon besides the Master Sword. The Biggoron Sword does more damage than the Master Sword at the cost of being a two-handed weapon, but it wasn’t the only weapon capable of standing up to the Master Sword.

As a child in Ocarina of Time, Link’s inventory is different from Adult Link, which means he cannot use either of the aforementioned blades. His kit overall makes him feel weaker than Adult Link as a result. His Fairy Slingshot is a lesser bow, the Boomerang is only good for stunning foes, and the Kokiri Sword has a short reach with little power. However, Child Link has access to Deku Sticks, which at first glance are used for lighting torches and transporting fire – but they can also be used as a weapon that mostly shares the move set of the Biggoron Sword. And, each stick matches the power of the Master Sword.

Ocarina Of Time: Deku Sticks Were Strong As The Master Sword

It turns out that not only is the Kokiri Sword the weakest blade Link can use, but there’s also almost no point to him using it at all. Deku Sticks can take down enemies in the same number of hits as the Master Sword, so unless players want to conserve sticks, there isn’t a good reason to use the Kokiri Sword. For example, both the Master Sword and Deku Sticks kill ReDeads in four hits whereas the Kokiri Sword kills them in eight. This strength, coupled with the powerful jump attack, means Deku Sticks can even annihilate Ocarina of Time‘s bosses with their raw power.

Even speedruns of Ocarina of Time take advantage of this trick. Because speedrunners glitch their way to the final battle, they end up fighting him as a child. In order to take him down the fastest, they need to take advantage of the Deku Stick’s increased power to take him down. These players combine the Deku Stick with the infinite sword glitch to rapidly strike Ganon’s tail and deal as much damage as possible. The Master Sword is required for the final blow, but it’s wild that Deku Sticks are powerful enough that speedrunners say it’s more optimal to use them against the final boss in this Legend of Zelda entrythan it is to use the actual Master Sword.